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Admissions Made Easier

You get one shot  at the college application process, so leave it to the masters!

Your are 4 times more likely to get into the college of your choice with college counseling assistance!

Our college counselors have over 80+ years of combined experience in guiding students across all levels to build razor sharp appliations.

2023 Admissions Report

Top 20 (Harvard, MIT, Stanford...)

53 Acceptances

Top 50 (UCLA, UC Berkeley, NYU...)

71 Acceptances

All of the Top 20

Masterprep Academy students have received acceptances from all of the top 20 universities

4X More Likely

Masterprep Academy students are four times more likely to be accepted to their target university with college counseling

98% Acceptances

98% of Masterprep Academy students have been accepted to their target or reach university

Where Are Our Students Now?

Our Secret to Success


Start-to-Finish Application Mentorship

We Get the Job Done Right

No matter how many hours or revisions it takes, we help our students build the best possible applications from start-to-finish. 

Unlike our competitors, we are not incentivized to rush you along the process or waste your time: our job is to get the job done right.


Best-Fit University Recommendations

Reach Your Maximum Potential

Our counselors carefully research the pros and cons of every univeristy and match best-fit universities to each student. Make the most of your undergraduate degree by finding the right fit for you.


Customized Application Timelines

Never Miss a Deadline or a Detail

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail! Your customized roadmap plans every deadline so that you are always early.


Personal Statement Coaching

Perfect Your Personal Statement

We read them all, and we know what works and what does not. Essays are increasingly more critical in the application process. Plan, draft, and revise your personal statements under the guidance of our experienced counselors.