Pursue Excellence

We pride ourselves in offering top-tier academic enrichment and consulting services, and we refuse to deliver anything less than the best.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide students toward their academic goals, foster a conducive learning environment for all students at all skill levels, and encourage holistic success for students in college and beyond. We believe in improving student outcomes through careful personalized attention, tailor-made proprietary curriculum, and a big-picture view of the learning process.

Our History

Masterprep Academy was founded in 2009 in Irvine, California with only a few classrooms full of students. Over the years, Masterprep Academy has expanded its vision to provide services ranging from private tutoring, group classes, enrichment opportunities, college counseling, and other academic counseling services across our 5 campuses.

2000+ Students Assisted 

Since 2009

200+ Acceptances

To Top 50 Universities

91% Improvement Rate

On Standardized Tests

Our Core Values


Just as we aim to guide our students toward mastering their craft, we hold our counselors, instructors, and staff to the highest standards when it comes to expertise and qualifications.


We firmly believe in offering excellent service with exceptional professionalism. Professionalism means that our commitment to the highest quality of customer service is second to none. 


At Masterprep Academy, we believe that accountability is the first step to creating meaningful and lasting change. Student progress is regularly monitored and reported on, and we aim for every student to build disciplined study habits. Likewise, our staff routinely attends continuing education to stay razor-sharp at all times. 

Our Secret To Success


Small Class Sizes

We believe personalized attention is the key to effective learning. We cap our class size at 6 students to ensure individualized attention and assistance for each student. It is your learning at your pace!


Quality Proprietary Curriculum

We invest heavily into developing tested, proven, and effective proprietary curricula in-house to ensure instruction is updated with evolving academic standards. You need excellent tools to create excellent results.


Top-Tier Instructors

We recruit staff who demonstrate a history of success and remarkable experience. All of our instructors are trained, equipped, and supported to help students master their craft.



We are proud to deliver results you can trust. Student performance is monitored and reviewed for instantaneous feedback, and our instructors adjust student learning plans to match the educational needs of each student.

Join the team!

Our mission is to pursue excellence, and we are always looking for top talent.