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UC Schools VS. Private Schools - Which is Right for You?

In this post, we'll delve into the University of California system, a flagship public institution, and contrast it with private schools. 


Early Action Tips and Tricks: Boost Your Chances of Getting into a Top 20 University

Early Action is a way to boost your chances of getting into a top 20 university. This post will give you a detailed analysis of students who are suitable for applying for early action.


The Difference Between Computer Science and Data Science: A Guide for Undergraduate Students

A guide for undergraduate students to understand the difference between Computer Science and Data Science.


Mastering the College Admissions Interview

Mastering the College Admissions Interview is critical to succeeding in the undergraduate admissions process.


Find Us At the Irvine Global Village Festival!

Masterprep Academy is proud to be a sponsor of this year's Irvine Global Village Festival! Come check out our canopy to win free prizes and to find out more about how you can advance your academic goals.


Getting into UCLA

It seems like it's becoming harder and harder to become a Bruin each year. Our recently graduated Bruin offers several tips and insights into the application process for future Bruins.


Admissions Update 2023

Congratulations to Masterprep Academy's senior class of 2023! It was an incredible year for admissions, and we are honored to have been a part of helping you reach your academic goals.


Succeeding in Computer Science and Start-Ups 

Everyone seems to be learning how to code in 2023. Hear from a 3-time start-up founder about how a computer science major can navigate this competitive space.